Ridgebacks by Kat
I dedicate this page to a "few" instances of incorrect behavior displayed by some of OUR sweet, loving Ridgebacks.  I will
start with Raji.  When Raji was about 7 months old and I thought he had pretty much learned the house rules....I caught
him with a pair of very expensive Italian shoes..which I quickly took away with a stern scolding then returned the shoe's to
their spot in my CLOSED closet.  Raji, who had learned to open most doors, crates or gates at a young age returned back
to the closet when he was sure I was otherwise occupied opened it and retrieved the shoe that was taken from him
earlier and "DESTROYED IT".  The worst thing, other than they were my FAVORITE black shoe's, was that they were $400.00
Italian designer shoe's given to me.......as I would never pay that much for any shoe.
Trooper brought a turd sickle in the house and was using it as a hockey puck on my dining room floor this past
Oh, but I do have pictures of the hole he chewed in my dining room chair and the pictures of the hole in my
leather sofa...               ...what keeps him alive is his handsome self!

Mardi Gras Para-Trooper   aka:  Trooper
Well, Miss Tish is carrying the tradition passed down from Grandpa Raji.  All stuffed animals MUST BE
de-stuffed and torn to tiny, tiny bits.  This is her latest demolition event  3-25-09.....which by the way happens to
     Mardi Gras Can't Touch This      aka:  Tish
Instead of leaving it at the mailbox, they placed it inside our gate.
I came home to 2 acres covered with of thousands of yellow pages.

yard, which we call her wallowing hole.    Then she crawled underneath the pile to sleep.
She must have felt very accomplished after killing that 250 ft snake.


        Mardi Gras Lady Bird
Nala loves to counter surf and her favorite prize is loaves of bread.
We have to keep it in the microwave. Let's just say, the counter has to be free of anything edible ;-).


      Imara's Nala
Bisous was caught in the act with her "BAD DOG ANTICS" with a camera.
First she was caught in the beginning stages of de-stuffing her fancy bed.
Then when she was a little older teething on an arm rest.  Yep, she's got
some horns sprouting.

Mardi Gras Bisous et Vin     aka:  Bisous
Koda chewed up a roll of toilet paper when we were gone... Apparently the five toys next to him weren't good

                         Mardi Gras Koda
Kopa chewed a hole in the middle of the dining room carpet. I'd get mad if
I could stop laughing. She looks so proud of her handy work.

                      Mardi Gras Kopana Mosela
What have you done now ?
Kopa also got into the shredded paper ben making a mess all over the
room  ..... Uh Oh !

                    Mardi Gras Kopana Mosela

Thought you'd like to see why we started calling her "Crazy Daisy'!
                   Mardi Gras Daisy

The worst part is that he’s not even ashamed, almost proud.

             Mardi Gras Jaxson Broux (11.5 m/90 lbs)