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Creedence/Beau Puppy  BLOG
Litter due June 3, 2018
5 weeks down - 3 to go
Week One
During the first week of puppy fetal development, the embryo is practically impervious to outside interference. The dog
carrying the fetus may feel morning sickness and undergo various personality changes. During this and subsequent weeks,
the dog should not be given any live vaccines or treatments containing insecticides.
April 3, 2018

On April 3  Creedence's progesterone test showed she had ovulated so we did 2 live
breedings between April 3-5.
We will be expecting puppies around
June 3   (=/-)   a couple of days.
Around May 10-11  I will have an USG done to confirm the pregnancy so stay tuned !!!!
Week Two
In the second week of puppy fetal development, the fetus advances from a four celled embryo to a 64 celled embryo. It is
also during the second week that the embryo enters into the uterus.
Week Three-Nidation
During week three, the embryo becomes embedded in the uterine lining where they will subsequently develop. They will be
progressively enveloped in a protective membrane that provides them with the necessary supply of nutrients.  The foetuses
are under a centimetre long at this stage.
May 10,   2018

It's confirmed....

Creedence and Beau are
expecting a passel of
puppies around June 3.
2018.  Stay tuned for
updates !!!
Week Five
Fetal stage where their gender can be discovered through an ultrasound. Due to uterine fluid, feeling for the fetuses
(palpitation) is no longer possible. Fetal eyelids develop and close over the eyes. The fetuses grow another 12 millimeters,
and their internal organs finish developing. At this point, the fetuses are once again practically impervious to outside