Ridgebacks by Kat
ViVi / Doc  BLOG  2017
Vi-Vi and Doc were bred the end of December, 2016
Puppies born on Mardi Gras Day - Fat Tuesday   02/28/2017
All Vi-Vi is doing is eating and sleeping.
She thinks that I am starving her....but until we find out that there are
puppies cooking in there.....we won't be adding any extra
food to her diet !
Stay tuned as we will be doing her Ultrasound on
Monday January 30th.

February 16, 2017

2 weeks to go and boy is Vi-Vi starting to show !
We just got back from a trip to see my Mom in MS
since we will be home bound for a couple of months.
While there Vi-Vi enjoyed the Dixie National Parade with all of the
sights and smells that come with rodeo's...
Now she is back to spending her days sleeping or on squirrel
patrol when the weather is nice.
December 19, 2016
I arrived home from a trip to MS to find Ms Vi-Vi coming into
season.  First progesterone was done today and the next
one will be on Thursday.  The progesterone test will tell us
when she is getting close so we can go and pick up Doc
and then when she ovulates the dance can commence.  In
the meantime Miss Vi-Vi is working on keeping warm in this
20 degree weather !
Week One
During the first week of puppy fetal development, the embryo is practically impervious to outside interference. The dog
carrying the fetus may feel morning sickness and undergo various personality changes. During this and subsequent weeks,
the dog should not be given any live vaccines or treatments containing insecticides.
Week Two
In the second week of puppy fetal development, the fetus advances from a four celled embryo to a 64 celled embryo. It is
also during the second week that the embryo enters into the uterus.
Week Three-Nidation
During week three, the embryo becomes embedded in the uterine lining where they will subsequently develop. They will be
progressively enveloped in a protective membrane that provides them with the necessary supply of nutrients.  The foetuses
are under a centimetre long at this stage.
Week Four
The fetus develops a spinal cord and eyes, and the face takes shape. The internal organs begin to develop and it is during
this time that embryos are at the most danger of developing birth defects. Week four is the best time to take the dog to a
veterinarian and have a professional feel for the puppies. The dog may experience vaginal discharge, and mammary
glands will begin to develop. Owners should begin to limit their dog's strenuous activity such as jumping or extensive
running. Add protein to the dog's diet in the form of a quarter cup of cottage cheese or a hard boiled egg every other day.
Week Five
Fetal stage where their gender can be discovered through an ultrasound. Due to uterine fluid, feeling for the fetuses
(palpitation) is no longer possible. Fetal eyelids develop and close over the eyes. The fetuses grow another 12 millimeters,
and their internal organs finish developing. At this point, the fetuses are once again practically impervious to outside
Week Six
During the sixth week of puppy fetal gestation, the skin pigment is developed. The fetal heartbeat can be detected with a
stethoscope, and the fetuses should weigh approximately six grams and measure 45 millimeters in length. The pregnant
dog's nipples will enlarge and darken, and it's abdomen will continue to swell. Owners should begin giving the dog cottage
cheese or a hard boiled egg every day, and increase the dog's overall food intake. The expectant canine should also being
sleeping in its whelping (birthing) box.
December 30, 2016

On January 27th Vi-Vi's progesterone test showed she had ovulated
so we did 3 live
breedings between January 27-29.
We will be expecting puppies around
March 2 (=/-) a couple of days.
On January 30th I will have an USG done to confirm the pregnancy
so stay tuned !!!!
January 30, 2016   We have a confirmed pregnancy       puppies due around March 2nd.
February 2, 2017    Vi-Vi spends her days eating, sleeping and on squirrel patrol.
If you look real hard under her belly you can see she is getting a little fluffy.

February 23, 2017

1 week to go !!  Now we have set up the whelping box so
Vi-Vi can start her nesting......
We will let everyone know as
soon as we can when the puppies
are born.