This agreement made this __________________, is between Kathy A. Walkoviak of Ridgebacks by Kat and _____________________.


Price:  $ ______     Deposit:  $ 250.00  US Postal money order    Balance:  $_______ US Postal money order.  Balance of payment is due  
when the puppy is picked up or prior to shipment, all cost of shipment of dog is the responsibility of the buyer
as well as the health certificate required for flight.  Alternate financial arrangements may be made at the discretion of Ridgebacks by
Kat .   $250.00 of the purchased price of all puppies is considered a deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable.

Final payment date:  received prior to shipment of puppy    Amount:  $250.00 US postal money order


Pet Quality Dog (herein referred to a “Rhodesian Ridgeback” or “Dog”)
REGISTERED NAME:  MARDI GRAS __________________

Buyer has read and understands this contract which is 3 pages in length, its (accompanying) terms and conditions,  
and agrees to said conditions.  This contract is legal and binding and upheld by the laws of the State of Texas.
Please sign where indicated and initial each page.

Seller:  Ridgebacks by Kat        (Kathy A. Walkoviak)          _____________________________________

Buyer:                                                                                           _____________________________________

The purpose of this contract is to describe to the Buyer what safeguards and guarantees can be expected from an ethical Breeder,
demonstrate the integrity of the Breeder, insure proper treatment of the purchased animal, and to protect the interests of both the Breeder
and Buyer.

Breeder does hereby guarantee the afore described dog (from here on referred to as “the dog”) under the following
conditions and warranties, and no other warranties and conditions are either expressed or implied:

Breeder guarantees the dog to be a purebred and will provide an AKC registration application (when buyer has provided proof from a
licensed Veterinarian that the dog has been spayed/neutered) and five-generation pedigree.

Breeder guarantees the dog to be in good health to the best of the breeder’s knowledge at the time of delivery.  The
vaccination record will be delivered with the dog.  The buyer assumes full responsibility for the health of the dog and
agrees to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours of receipt.

The animal may, for any reason, be returned to the breeder (at buyer’s expense) within ten (10) days.  Within sixty (60) days of the dog’s
return the breeder will *refund to the buyer the full amount of purchase, less deposit.  Papers must be returned with the dog in order to
receive any type of *refund.

Breeder guarantees the dog to be free of Dermoid Sinus or DM affected A/A gene.

In the event the dog develops severe/crippling hip/elbow dysplasia by the age of twenty-six (26) months, buyer must
provide written documentation of the dysplasia from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), and written proof from a licensed
veterinarian that there has been no injury or trauma to the hips/elbows from outside sources (including, but not limited to, obesity and
excessive forced exercise).  The breeder will *replace the affected animal with one of equal quality from the next litter provided the affected
animal is returned to the breeder with its papers, at buyer’s expense, or documentation from a licensed veterinarian is provided stating
euthanasia was necessary.  If the buyer chooses to keep the dog, proof of spay/neuter must be provided and a refund of (the purchase
price minus the deposit price of $250.00) will be made within sixty (60) days of said documentation.

In the event of inherited entropion eye, written documentation from a licensed veterinarian must be provided, along with copy of surgical
repair bill and proof of spay/neuter, and buyer will receive a *refund in the amount of (purchase price minus the deposit price of $250.00)
within sixty (60) days of receipt.

In the event of debilitating hypothyroidism prior to the age of twenty-six (26) months, written documentation from Michigan State University
must be provided along with proof of spay/neuter, and buyer will receive a *refund in the amount of (purchase price minus deposit price of
$250.00) within sixty (60) days of receipt.

Temperament is guaranteed, conditional on humane treatment, adequate early socialization and obedience training. If the dog should
prove vicious, breeder agrees to *replace the dog or *refund the purchase price (minus $250.00 deposit) upon return (at owner’s expense)
of the dog, with its papers, to the breeder.  Refunds will be made within sixty (60) days of receipt.

These guarantees apply only to the original purchaser from Ridgebacks by Kat.

The breeder agrees to give advice to the buyer in any matter(s) concerning the well-being of the dog.

*Refund does not apply if the dog is returned to the breeder in poor health caused by abuse, neglect or  
injury.  Breeder reserves the right to have the dog examined (at their expense) by the veterinarian of their
choice before making any exchange, refund, or replacement.

This puppy is being sold as a pet quality dog/bitch with a AKC Limited Registration and is not to be used at any time for breeding
purposes.  **As such, it must be spayed/neutered.  Should there be any puppies resulting from a breeding in breech of this contract the
puppies would not be eligible for AKC registration and buyer could be subject to legal ramifications.  However, the dog may participate in
AKC events such as Obedience, Agility and Lure Coursing (Ridgeless dogs may not compete in Lure Coursing).

III.  The buyer agrees to the following:

1. not to use this dog/bitch for breeding purposes and to assure all precautions are used to prevent  
an accidental breeding until the required spay/neuter of the dog by the age of two years (24  
months) has been done and to provide proof of spay/neuter to the breeder within thirty (30)    
days of the procedure. If an accidental breeding does take place the breeder is to be notified
immediately and at that time Breeder will give instructions as to how to proceed depending on
when the accidental breeding took place.   When the proof of spay/neuter has been submitted to
the breeder the breeder will then provide to the buyer the AKC registration papers on the dog.
(exceptions to this requirement will be noted at the bottom of this page);

2.  to provide a humane, wholesome and healthy family environment for the dog;

3.  to abide by the health requirements listed on the preceding page and to keep the dog current  
on all preventative vaccinations, worming and heart worm prevention (where applicable) or   
titer testing for required immunization immunities;

4.  to provide adequate socialization and obedience training so the dog will be manageable and

5.  the dog will not be used for fighting, or commercial guard-dog purposes;

6. the dog will not be transported in the back of a pickup or other open mode of  transportation unless
secured in a transporting crate which has been properly strapped down offering adequate ventilation.

7.  to keep the breeder informed as to the condition and progress of the dog.  And current
addresses and phone numbers where said dog resides;

8.  that the dog will carry the kennel name “____________” as a first name on it’s AKC registration,
buyer will notify breeder of the dogs complete registered name once this has been done providing
a copy of the registration certificate.

9.  the dog must be micro-chipped at 12 weeks of age and the breeders contact information must be
recorded as the alternate person to be contacted.  Breeder is to be provided proof of this being
done within 30 days.

10.  the buyer will notify the breeder prior to placing/selling the dog for any reason and allow the
 breeder to reclaim the dog at that time if breeder does so request.  If Breeder forfeits reclaim option
 for replacement home, Breeder must approve in writing the “new” placement home and the “new”
 placement home must sign breeders contract.

11.   the buyer will notify the breeder of any major illness(es) the dog may have, and/or upon the death of
   the dog.  And will provide Breeder yearly updates on the dogs well fair including current pictures.

** IF an exception is made to the “spay/neuter” requirement, it will be noted in the following space hand   
written by the breeder followed  by the  breeders signature.   


We the under signed, have thoroughly read and understand the contents of the entirety of this 3 page agreement and acknowledge
this to be a true and binding contract.   Each page (3 total) being initialed by both parties.         

Buyer:  _______________________________________   Date:  _______________

       ________________________________________ Date:  _______________

Breeder's Signature:
Kathy A. Walkoviak    ______________________________________
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Caldwell, Tx.  77836
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