Ridgebacks by Kat
Mardi Gras Keep The Faith
04/20/2008 - 10/04/2010

Faye lost her courageous fight with
Osteosarcoma  10/04/2010
on St. Frances Day
(the patron Saint of Animals).

She will be forever loved and missed by
the Dittmar family
Mardi Gras All That Jazz
02/02/2004 - 08/13/2012

Jazz thought she was a princess and
lived her last days on earth being just
that.  Thank you Ruth for making her
dream a reality.  Forever loved and
missed by Ruth Kipnis.
Mardi Gras Bailey

loving care of their boys and willing
partnership in "raising" them.  

Forever loved and missed by the
Rowlings family.
07/26/2005 - 2011

from injuries sustained in a car
accident.  Forever loved and missed by
the Ahru family.
06/30/2000 - 10/10//2012

J-bo was my first show boy.  And
my heart.  Forever my protector
and the strongest Ridgeback  I've
ever seen.
He "LOVED" food with a
RIdgebacks passion and I hope he
gets to eat all he wants now over
Rainbows Bridge.  I will love and
miss you forever my J-bo.
Imara's Rhett Butler

Rhett passed away on October 15,
2013 after a sudden unexplained
illness.  Rhett was a beautiful
sweet boy just like his Daddy Raji
and will
be missed terribly.

Loved by Edward B.

Katsridge Akina Mlinzi  CGC, TDI, TT

Akina broke my heart today when
she left to run over rainbows
bridge as she was my heart and
will always be.  Run free and joyful
my beautiful sweet girl until we
meet again.
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Imara's Maxwell Tau

Max passed away on
September 11, 2012 after a
lengthy battle to recover
from extensive surgery to
beautiful soul and will
be missed terribly.

Loved by Natalie and Marlie
Imara's Co-Co

Co-Co passed away
October 22, 2014 after a
lengthy illness.

She was the heart dog of the
Dillelo family.
Champion Rajataru's Rajiv by

When you left you took my
heart....how can I breath?

Each breath I take now comes
from your legacy that you have
left to comfort me.  In their
eyes I see you...in their love I
feel your love...in their actions
I relive my time with you.

Mardi Gras Champagne Bubbles

My best babysitter for children I
have ever had.  Even though
Bubbles never had puppies of
her own...she adopted every child
that came near her.  She was
also my Shadow..she stayed
beside me every step I took.  
Watch over me from where you
are my sweet girl.


With a sad heart, our longtime
sweet buddy Shiner passed on
this morning. He was a good
friend through moves,
deployments, and kiddos. He will
be greatly missed.   

The Ryan Family
HP209394-02    Imara's Gone With The Wind       aka: Windy
        04/29/2008 - 06/27/2020
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