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20 Training
Do's and Don'ts
20 Training Do’s and Don'ts
Do's of Dog Training

Do focus on your dog. Training must be about bringing him into your world by understanding his instincts and
natural behaviors.
Do be honest with him. Never fool him into doing what you want or tease him with commands you teach him.
Do begin each command with the end in sight. Reward your dog lavishly but only when he has completed the
task you've set.
Do be consistent. Always use the same words for desired behaviors and the same tone of voice.
Do think ahead. Anticipate your dog's actions before he moves.
Do reward or admonish your dog immediately. He needs to associate praise or admonishment with the
specific act.
Do teach him one command at a time.
Do allow some time to take in your command then act. He may not react immediately but this is not necessarily
a sign of disobedience. Be patient.
Do enjoy yourself and he will too. He will associate his training with companionship. So it will become easier for
both of you.
Do be kind, always, and patient. A poorly trained dog is the fault of the trainer, not the dog.

Don'ts of Dog Training

Don't ever allow others, during his training, to pamper him any more than you would. You're his master and he
must look to you for leadership.
Don't ever finish a training session on a bad note. Remain positive and praise him for any progress made.
Don't punish him while you're angry.
Don't lose your temper while training. He needs to understand that you are in control.
Don't chase him if you want him to come; he must come to you.
Don't deceive your dog with praise to bring him to you, then punish him, when he's been naughty. Be honest
with him.
Don't continually repeat the same command to your dog until he executes it. He should understand you very
early. Be patient but don't overuse the command.
Don't discipline your dog for disobedience unless you're certain that he understood the command you gave.
Don't reward your dog for a given behavior, then later admonish him for the same behavior. Consistency is
Don't allow anybody else to command your dog while you're training him.

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